Since the establishment of Ajyal Group, we strove to expand, prosper, and

grow to reach the most elevated levels of production in various fields

through which we seek to meet the desires of customers in small and

large businesses and tap into a global market.


Ajyal Group is active in various commercial fields including but not limited to

Construction, Education, Import, and Export. Here we present to you our

subsidiary companies as well as their activities

Arzak Al-Khair Company for the manufacture of dairy

Arzak Al-Khair is a proud local Libyan Diary company. Since its establishment, it strove to fulfill the

responsibility of providing high-quality products to all segments of society to lead a healthy and active

life. Arzaq Al-Khair is Actively seeking new technologies and advancing its production methods to

uphold the highest international standards. Thus, bettering the health of current and future generations.

Local and international global knowledge schools (GKS) / Al-Sarraj Branch

Global Knowledge Schools (GKS) is a prestigious institution with an impressive cadre carefully selected and

trained, prepared to offer the best educational experience to students from pre-KG to secondary level. (GKS) has

several Branches scattered around the city of Tripoli, offering both local and IGCSE curriculums with

accreditation from Pearson.

Ajyal Company for the filling and refining of edible oils

Ajyal Company, for filling and refining edible oils, is a modern company with a factory fully equipped with the

latest production methods. Ajyal seeks to continuously develop and improve its cadres to deliver healthy local

products with international standards.

Burouj Al-Salem Company for feed manufacturing and flour

To live up to their slogan ” better food, healthier production” Borouj Al Salam seeks, through the feed

industry, to maintain and improve consumers’ health by providing the best nourishment for animals. Borouj

Al Salam continues working to raise its standards and to keep pace with development and modernity in the

field. Not only is their technology advanced, but their staff is dedicated visionaries who prioritize the

well-being and health of animals and consumers alike.

Shuaa Al-Amar Construction Company

Shuaa Al-Amar is a local Libyan company active in contracting and construction. They aspire to build

cities and reform and modernize the construction field in Libya. Their staff members are a group of

passionate individuals who are dedicated to working and committing to achieving the company’s

vision and putting so much care into the details of the projects they undertake.

Alam Al-Itqan Company for iron and steel

Alam Al-Itqan is an iron and steelmaking company based in Tripoli. Alam Al-Itqan has the vision to reform

modern building techniques and introduce creative construction in the country. The company provides

only quality materials and puts so much attention on craftsmanship and professionalism while laying the

foundations of construction and building to ensure it meets everyone’s needs. Their goal is to provide

what satisfies and suffices the market at competitive prices that match the quality of their production.